Maris’ 2017 Year in Review

I get so excited when the end of the year is coming close just so i can reflect like this. I won’t say 2017 flew by, that’s typical. But I do feel like it started nice and steady, summer came, then it was September and then boom, the year was over.

2017 was rather, consistent for me. nothing major to report. I’ve grown my brands so much within the last year though and i’m super proud of myself for doing so. I have a milestone year coming so I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for me. Time to go through month by month.


I opened the new year with my best friend [my sister] and bestie cousin in New York. I’ve worn red for the second year in a row. I’m starting to believe, the way you start your new year could set the tone for the year so, I was having a blast.



My sister and I visited the African American Museum in January also. If you’re familiar with American history, you know that having a museum dedicated just to African American History is a big deal.

I also got to visit a new place, Cartagena, Colombia and celebrate my college best friend’s 30th birthday.  We had so much fun in Colombia and the food was so good. I’d go back just for the food lol. You can read more about my time spent in Colombia here. 

IMG_3414 (1)IMG_3400 (1)


Life continued in February. SocaBuzz, my soca app was conceptualized by now and had gotten approved by Apple on February 14th. What a great Valentine’s day gift. We then launched the app on February 16th.

IMG_5895 (1)

But we all know February for me MEANS CARNIVAL! Trinidad Carnival was as amazing as to be expected. I won’t go into too much details here but if you want a review, read about my Tribe Carnival Experience here. [and you can see more pictures]

IMG_4954 (1)IMG_0847IMG_1810IMG_4688


I don’t remember much about March but I practiced a lot of self care in March. Spa dates with mysel and planning. A note I wrote to myself then: “Avoid artificial harmony”. I prepared a lot at home, I was having my housewarming in April, so home decor was essential in March. The last week of March, I submitted my Travel Story to JetSetTV (suggestion of a college friend) and hoped for the best.



April was a great month for me – It was the month of the interviews. April 5th I  met with Mandi from a Caribbean Lifestyle Magazine to talk about SocaBuzz. I held a SocaBuzz Launch event on April 7th for my app and all my friends came out and supported me. You could feel the love in the room and it was cold AF that day. While AT the launch party, I got an email saying I was approved for my media credentials for Jamaica Carnival, this highlighted my month to be honest. To have launched an app and on the same day [of the launch] get approval for media to someone’s carnival even if they don’t know your brand was super exciting.


I was also on radio that day as well, to talk about my travels to several carnivals and my website


My housewarming was on April 15th. We fed the masses, they had fun, got drunk and celebrated adulthood. I also went to Jamaica Carnival in April. A new band Xaymaca launched and I had the opportunity to play was with them. So exciting. You can read more details about my time here. April 28th — I had gotten approved to do my segment on air. It was so exciting.


IMG_5886 (1)


May marks summer for me, Memorial Weekend (party time), working and spreading awareness about Electric Carnival, and I got to do a photoshoot.

Processed with VSCO with acg presetIMG_6693


In 2016, I wanted a goal of mine to be, attending 8 different types of events that I would not normally attend. Veuve Clicquot was one of those events.


Then I went to Bermuda for the first time – What a gorgeous country. I could not get enough of these beaches.


It was also party time in DC with Hookie Weekend. I love summer so much. DC too is trying to revive their Caribbean and carnival scene. Read about Hookie Weekend here. 

IMG_7507IMG_7462 (1)


My birthday is the only thing that matters to me in July. Here are the pictures.



WBB Bookclub celebrated 5 years in July. I truly cannot believe it’s been 5 years already. wow



I went to Barbados for Crop Over! This was a very interesting trip, lol four of my cousins/friends got pink eye. Read more about our trip here 


I was part of another interview on the Oh Hell No Podcast. Definitely fun


I spent September with my friends.



October is a marker of the changing seasons. Miami Carnival takes place in October, and we know I’m not trying to miss carnival. One of my favorite costumes for 2017. More videos and pictures here


I spent Halloween with my sister


Another event outside of my norm


November and December are holiday months. I spent this time reflecting and plotting on 2018. I’m very pleased with my 2017, despite us having a carrot as a president.


Until next time











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