Maris’ 2016 Year in Review

How did we fly through 2016 already? I just re-read my 2015 year in review and jesus christ, I did A LOT this year! This year has been filled with joy, accomplishments, MAJOR milestones and a lot of travel. I am overwhelmed by how blessed I am and the path my life is taking and thankfully, no one has died this year that’s super close to me because that’s all it would take to tank my  year. Anyhow, let’s get into this review.

I opened the New Year in DC, with friends — wearing red, perhaps red brings great luck ? LOL I’ll have to repeat that. This was my first time using a Passion Planner and I think it helped for mapping out my year and the things I hoped to accomplish. Reading through it now, I see that mind mapping all my goals like buying a home or the metrics for my blog were achievable because I wrote them down. So WRITE THINGS DOWN!



And then boom.. CARNIVAL came, so you know it’s February. If you follow me on any of my social media accounts then you know how much I love Carnival. I even started a blog about it.. you should read it sometime. OH that reminds me 🙂 I started my blog a year ago and it has been SUPER successful in regards to me meeting new people and getting to have these carnival experiences, and keeping some of my funds in my pocket 🙂 Anyway, my crew and I went to Trinidad Carnival and it was AMAZINGGGGGG!! Your crew can make or break your carnival experience so make sure you bring the right people with you.




The longest flight of my life took me out to the Asian shores, Thailand specifically. My crew and I visited Bangkok and Phuket and had a blast in both locations. It was so hot though; i’m an island girl but my god, lol i needed a personal a/c. Thailand was both a cultural and luxury experience for me. I didn’t love the street food considering how popular it is (dare i say i don’t eat meat and didn’t try much of it) but i enjoyed the people and thai massages.



It was time to head to Panama! Panama was a quick trip but I had a blast, relaxing in the sun and visiting Casco Viejo and Panama City. I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City which is EXTREMELY modern. (great for me). I love having the amenities i’ve become accustomed to while at home. For those of you who prefer to live amongst the locals or see colonial Panama, stay in Casco Viejo. Casco Viejo speaks volumes about the country with it’s architecture and set up.



(thinks to myself: did you stay home? jesus) Literally, a week after I came back from Panama, I flew to Greece to celebrate Kendra’s milestone birthday. Greece was AMAZING! Gorgeous architecture, great food and extremely friendly people. After subjecting myself to a 19 hour flight to Thailand, the 8.5 hour flight to Athens, Greece was so much more manageable. We visited Athens, Mykonos and Santorini while there. Santorini is by far my favorite of the three.



In June, I headed out to Los Angeles, California for Hollywood Carnival. You all know my love for carnival by now so i would most certainly agree that I am a carnival chaser. That said, while it is a smaller carnival in comparison to Miami’s, I enjoyed it so much because of the rawness of it. It isn’t spoiled yet by all inclusive fetes and committee member oriented parties.



MY FAVORITE MONTH of the year because it’s my birthday month. I celebrated my birthday in the Hamptons with my loves. Birthdays are big for me and I truly believe one’s life should be celebrated in a memorable way. So we sailed, we ate and we drank lots of wine 🙂  Yes white was the only color I wore, even my night gown was white.


Carnival also took place in July. Caribana of course.. so MORE TRAVELING lol. We headed to Toronto, Canada toward the end of July. I celebrate the whole month so 🙂 this ended my birthday month with a bang. And I got into my section of choice for Trinidad Carnival 2017.  All Carnival goes know how huge this is in TT lol.


[Insert random flicks of summer — my summer was POPPING]



August was huge for me. I found out ON my birthday that I was approved for my mortgage (what a gift hunh) and my closing date was set in August. So now I’m adulting for real lol.. I’m a homeowner! I still can’t believe it. I celebrated with my sister and cousins that same weekend with none other than WINE but i’m so happy for my support system through this process.




September was huge also in regards to life changing events, but the exact reason I can’t share so publicly..those who need to know, know. I GOT A NEW JOB in September which is huge considering i’m overseeing programs now and being challenged.

I also went to Paris, France in September. OMG!! You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to visit Paris. Out of all the countries I’ve visited in 2016 alone, Paris is by far my favorite. And for all the reasons people brag about, the fashion, the people, the street wear, the food. I loved every second of it and plan to visit again really soon.



October slowed down for me because it started to get colder outside, and i hate cold weather plus, new job so trying to stay put. I still managed to head to Miami for Carnival. You know i wasn’t missing that 🙂 And despite Hurricane Matthew trying to hold us back, we made it!




I said I was slowing down and still traveled lol.. a few weeks after, i was in New Orleans, Louisiana for what I call a food experience. Bae and I were celebrating his birthday with food and booze.


Thanksgiving weekend was MIAMI AGAIN!! Because Kenny lives there and so the crew again (because i think we’re now addicted to traveling) headed down south to celebrate Thanksgiving. We even made a dance clip lol but we couldn’t get it pristine enough to share so just take my word for it.




ahh and we’re finally toward the end of the month. December has been filled with freezing weather lol which i HATE but I’ve been thinking about what I hope to accomplish next year. I don’t even know if I can top 2016 but I most certainly will try. 2017, I’m ready for you.


Happy Holidays and Happy New Year.





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