Maris’ 2015 in Review

The time is here, when I review the whole year and how it went. I honestly believe that 2015 was an amazing year for me. After reading my 2014 review i’m so happy my wish came true and the year got even more amazing.

I began the new year with my Boyfriend and friends and might I add, looked amazing doing it.


I then went to Los Angeles and hung with my big sister Sajdah (love her so much)


February and March were uneventful I suppose, but i’m sure I did something amazing lol. In April, I decided to go to Jamaica for Carnival. Amazing parties!! I’d go again  (not soon though). I love traveling so being able to do that so frequently is one of my greatest joys. (Thank you Universe for blessings upon blessings)


In June, I got the chance to go to PERU and hiked through one of the world wonders Machu Picchu. AMAZING VIEWS (Scared of heights and all, way to overcome). I could not have done it without my best cousin Shyka.


I always have a blast in July because it’s my birthday month and this year was NO different. I partied like a rockstar in NY, went to the Hampton’s then spent some time in Atlanta with my Howard friends.My baby also cooked for my little birthday party held at my apartment. I LOVE my birthday lol. My male best friend Tosin got married in July too! Congrats Tos!


My bookclub also celebrated year 3 in July. Kudos to Wine Books and Brunch!


I was also honored in July at work for 5 years of service with the company


August was also amazing. I’m addicted to Carnival and got to go to Caribana with my CARNIVAL crew and loved it wayyyy more than when i went in 2013. I also did other fun stuff in August like to go an American beach, participated in a mud run, had a bonfire with my sister and best friend and enjoyed one last pool party before the summer ended.

FullSizeRender 12FullSizeRender 14FullSizeRender 11FullSizeRender 10

September rolled around and that means it was labor day! more feting lol. I also celebrated my best-sister friend’s life

IMG_1259FullSizeRender 9IMG_1549IMG_1307IMG_1585

October was a game changer for me. I moved in with my boyfriend (who saw that coming?) I haven’t lived with someone since I was 19 years old but I welcomed the change. I big chopped my hair AGAIN but so damn low this time. I also got to really dress up for the first time with my bestie for Halloween. And of course, MIAMI Carnival was in October haha! (yes another damn carnival)

IMG_2363IMG_2065 2IMG_2597FullSizeRender 15IMG_1878

November was November I suppose. Adjusting to living with another person, learning to accept people with all their flaws, Thanksgiving and celebrating David’s 40th birthday. (milestone). I did get to rekindle my relationship with another long time friend from HS that i hadn’t seen in 4 years.


And lastly, December. I am so excited that I got to visit Disney World as an adult with the right people. We talked, and discussed, and talked some more about all the issues plaguing the world right now. As I close out this post, I can only pray that 2016  is blessed for myself and all my friends and family. I truly hope to see them bloom and live their best lives.






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