Week #2

Weekly is what I said right, about blogging. So I have something to report. I’ve decided to enlist myself into an “unplugging challenge”. I’ve given up my smartphone for 3 days. Woe is me!! How will I know the weather? Listen to music, tweet, read yelp reviews, check my email, text, occupy myself on pinterest while bored? So many things my phone provides, it’s almost like a mini best friend. No no, IT IS my bestfriend. I will say though, that i am excited. Excited to see what i will participate in, the conversations i’ll have by being more present, the lengths in which i’ll go to communicate with people and/or find out information. For example, turning on the TV to actually find out the weather. Are there rules to this shit? How many times an hour can i check my email? After escaping tomorrow, i think i’ll go to yoga, possibly read more.. shit, maybe i might turn this into 7 days (clearly getting ahead of myself) but we shall see.. 





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