The Year (Okay Maybe Month) of Organization

Hi WordPress friends! 

Before I even begin my rant about how I’ve been organized all my life, let me just mention that we are now a month away from me landing on the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. 29 days left!! Woo-hoo! Anyway onto what this post is about. I’ve seen several posts on home and lifestyle blogs about how 2014 should be the year of organization. And yeah yeah for those of us who aren’t already on board, there are some great tips written in these articles. However, for an ocd-having woman like me, I was bored with their advice. However, although I may be good at keeping my home extremely clean and putting everything in their place, it doesn’t mean I didn’t have to declutter. Every 6 months I usually go through my bill file and sort and trash documents, so on that front I was pretty okay. But my underwear drawer and coat closet — yikes!! So yesterday evening, I neatly folded all my intimates and organized my coat closet by color (ocd remember?). After doing these things, I started realizing there are things I could be doing better. Like my linen closet. Though very neatly folded, I started feeling like my towels and sheets were a bit exposed. So i’ve given myself a project (yay busy bee). I plan to wander into all Goodwill’s and Salvation Army’s in the area until I have enough wicker/rattan baskets to store all these items and beautifully decorate my closet. 

What organizational tips do you have? What changes are you making this year? BTW — new app I just downloaded “Taasky” for managing your to-do list. This will be my second one, let’s see how this works — I tend to just use my reminders app, sometimes simple is best! 




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