Trinidad Carnival 2014 Preparation

OMG!! (Sorry to start with such exclamation)

But it will be another 48 days before my feet touch Trinidad’s soil. I have been preparing to get myself there for the past year. Before we get into the details of the physical preparation, let’s talk about the financial aspect. Many people want to visit the greatest show on earth at least once in their life and I think everyone should, however, masqueraders must be prepared to come out of pocket by A LOT. Here is a breakdown of the costs that we’ve incurred so far (some of you may be lucky to pay less depending on the band you play mas with/when you buy your flight)

  • A flight will cost you anywhere from $385 – $1080 depending on where you’re flying from and when you buy your ticket. A ticket from Miami, FL is on the cheaper end of this scale.
  • Costumes – $500 – 1200 USD (Backline)
  • Transportation – $200 – 600 USD
  • Food – $100 USD
  • Parties – $500 USD
  • Hotel – $460 USD (If sharing with friends). The average hotel cost is $350 a night.

Not to mention all the costs you do not calculate like buying clothing, souvenirs, making phone calls/ paying for WiFi etc. Now on to the important part! YOUR BODY!! I started working out heavy in September for Carnival, because I need to not only make sure I am toned but also have STAMINA! You will not survive carnival without stamina. Cardio, practicing to wine in your bathroom and finding out what alcohol works best for your body is imperative before you get there. So yes i’ve been practicing to drink and see how long it takes before I get tore up as well. My workout regimen has been to work out 3-4x a week. with a lot of muscle toning. I’m on the petite side of the scale so I do not have a lot of body fat to lose however, I do spend some time doing jumping jacks, running on the treadmill and climbing the elliptical so that my heart rate will get used to the strenuous activity i am about to put it through. I would HIGHLY recommend eating clean so that you’re not bloated before you even get there. You need nutrition from vegetables, fruits and healthy fats and protein. Lean lean lean! And make sure you’re drinking lots of water, the last thing you want is to be hydrated. (Sounds like I need to make a carnival survival guide as well)

This year we’re playing mas with Island People Mas — needless to say I cannot contain my excitement. I plan to wear little to no clothes as possible, not only will it be hot but i’ve been working out since September to show these abs off.

Music for the carnival season starts to launch as early as August the year before. As soon as Crop Over hits (Beginning of August) the soca tunes start to flow. So i have also been on top of that as well. I suggest checking out Julian’s Promos YouTube page for the most accurate soca list, they continually put up new songs throughout the week.

Fetes!! Yes its only January and my friends and I have another month and change to go but we’ve already chosen the fetes we’ll be attending. They are as follows (and usually all the way turned up as they are some of the most popular)

Thursday — Beach House All Inclusive ($200 USD)

Friday — La Barge Cooler Fete ($50 USD)

Saturday — Caesar’s Army A.M Jouvert ($90 USD) and Scorch Carnival Saturday ($72 USD)

Sunday — Sunny Side Up Breakfast Party ($130 USD)

*Tickets to these events can be found at*

Now back to my whining.. 🙂 Let the countdown continue!

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