The Start of 2014 – New Year, New Things

Hello there!

We’re a few hours away from the beginning of 2014 and I must say I’m pretty excited. I love new things. A new date, new adventures and experiences to enjoy/try out and new people to meet. As previously mentioned, I do not create new year resolutions, however, I do think we should outline a list of things we would like to accomplish. (new goals? new rules?) I’ve gone through a list with my closest of friends and think they’re pretty awesome.

So for 2014 —

A habit I’d going to break: Impatience

A new skill I’d like to learn: Cake decorating and abstract painting

A person I hope to be more like: P. Staton

A good deed I’m going to do: Monthly volunteering

A place I’d like to visit: Paris, France/ Hamptons, NY

A book I’d like to read: A biography – undecided as to whom

A new food I’d like to try: Ethiopian food — can’t say i’m excited about this one

I’m going to do better at: Managing shopping impulses and softer communication/delivery

A letter I’m going to write: A letter to myself

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list as much as my friends and I did. And hopefully, we can all fulfill our goals for 2014!

Happy 31st!



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