So I Went Natural…

For years, like most black womenImagen, I’ve been saying I would not go natural. Not because i don’t love how it looks but because of the amount of work I know that goes into maintaining our hair. My hair was in it’s natural state until I was 15 years old and then I put in a relaxer for my aunts wedding. I had bouncy and flourishing hair until it started to thin out because in my teens I did not know how to properly care for my hair. My first year of college however, I decided to cut it all off. So then i was rocking a pixie cut (still with a relaxer in). Despite loving my hair at that length and trying numerous styles with my hair, that too was a lot of maintenance. I spent many hours in the hair salon, Saturdays were a done deal for me, no matter how early my appointment and i was consistently getting “touch-ups” so that my hair looked as perfect as possible.

Though i’ve never experienced extreme breakage at that length, I got bored with my hair and decided to try something different. Going natural was never a conscious decision for me but more so something that happened by accident. I started putting weaves in my hair to avoid too much manipulation and it worked perfectly for my lifestyle of always traveling. Six months had gone by and I had all this new growth, so instead of putting creamy crack back in it. I started to do some research. I began asking questions to some of my naturalista friends and really sought out other naturalistas on YouTube and respective blogs. Though I haven’t been handling my hair for a long time,  I have learned a lot in the short year that I’ve decided to stop putting creamy crack in there. And I must say I love my hair texture and how versatile my hair is. My coworkers now look forward to seeing me come into work because my hair is always different. For the most part, I have been given a lot of support from family and friends and a lot of people like how my hair looks. (though my sister sometimes teases me) I have found that a lot of black men especially like to touch my hair and I have a lot more strangers attempting to put their hands in my hair which is sometimes awkward for me. In case you’re wondering no I did not big chop (i am not afraid of short hair) but because my hair was already short when i started putting in the weave, most of my hair is natural and i have just been clipping the ends as I go. (so yes transitioning)

In short, although there is a lot of maintenance for my hair, i am embracing the journey and looking forward to seeing what my hair does and will look like in another year. Kudos to all the previous lazy creamy crack addicts who decide to go natural as well.




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