DIY: How To Paint Brass Lamps

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, I’ve been in my apartment all weekend. Rightfully so, I’ve been redecorating my bedroom and have been looking for an item to be a “pop” of color. So I went on Craigslist (my favorite place for cheap used furniture). I found two very large brass lamps (brass coated, metal underneath) for $10.00. (Yes ten total). Even the cheapest places, including Ikea and Target are selling big lamps like this for $60 a pop. (eh eh, not doing it)

So here are my ugly lamp bases I found. (Yes they came with shades but I had already removed them. They were ugly)

To prepare my lamps, I taped all the cords up and bulb areas so paint would not affect it. I then wiped them down for dust and grime. This will prevent bubbling in your paint. Upon doing so, I proceeded to prime the lamps. I used Painter’s Touch White Primer.

After priming, I let it dry for about 35 minutes before adding my color. I used Painter’s Touch – Satin Aqua. I did two coats, and let 20 minutes pass in between coats.

I let the lamps dry for 45 minutes total then used Painter’s Touch Clear Gloss for my finishing touch.

And voila!! Here is the final product. I purchased new lamp shades from Target for $15 a pop. $20 dollars total cost per lamp. Saved myself $40.00



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