Make-Up Forever HD vs MAC Studio Tech


So you’ve been using MAC makeup for years  a long time (Like me), But I’ve found MAC Studio Tech Foundation to have my skin looking extremely oily by day’s end and of course I’m not looking forward to using oil blotting sheets all throughout the summer.

I had a conversation with a great make-up artist who then suggested Make-Up Forever HD. It looks great in pictures, it isn’t oily and it looks great on she says. So I go out and buy Make-Up Forever HD Foundation ($42) compared to MAC’s Studio Tech ($30) but I’m really looking for something that won’t make me look like greased up chicken.

Two months into using it, I prefer Make-up Forever. It most certainly isn’t as heavy and I don’t have to apply as much. My skin looks natural, you can barely tell I have on make-up (Then again I use it more as a concealer than anything). So if you’re feeling brave and/or curious and want to free up your skin, try Make-Up Forever HD Foundation.

Please Note: Both these foundations are of two different consistencies. One is liquid based the other is cream based. You would have to try each brand’s similar form for a true comparison of each type.


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